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This American group from Arlington has just released their new song last month. “Hallelujah” is their new song that is enriched with the fresh voice of young vocal cords. A butterfly waving her wings to lift herself for a while and then stop flapping them to have a lift and glide by saying “Hallelujah”. Well, that was my feeling when I listened to it for the first time.

I think Pentatonix have done a good job with the aid of their vocal cords and highly advanced recording system. Leonard Cohen didn’t have such type of recording devices that’s the reason why the recording of this song isn’t so clear but we still love that now. 45 million views is a good factor by the way and according to our “popularity test”, it really has guts to pass it proudly. 0.7 Million likes will get increased afterward as this song will get fame soon after getting a little bit old.


The ending of the song was great due to the nice and sudden bump in the music and the high pitches were literally awesome. I must say that this re-making and re-mastering of the Hallelujah do have a worth and enough value to stand proudly in the list of my best songs of all time.

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